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Tandivale Equestrian Centre

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88 Johansons Rd, Warrandyte VIC 3113

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Tandivale Equestrian Centre is based in Warrandyte, VIC and specialises in Equestrian Centre.

3 Customer Reviews

My Daughter,Kate, is now 30. Kate began when she was 6 at tandivale and loved every minute of her time there. The discipline and experiences Kate had with the horses has set her up to be the beautiful person and mother she is today. Even today,Tanndivale rocks in Kate's world and she is looking forward to having her own horse/horses again We have not been back for a long time,perhaps we should revisit for old times sake. An addiction to horses is the greatest activity for any youngster
My kids had the best day of their holidays at Tandivale.Tracy was awesome. Thank you. Mary Potsios. 1/10/10
My niece had the best day there on Friday.She won the best groomed horse and was thrilled with her ribbon .The best birthday present to give

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