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Mirravale Riding School

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Biddles Rd, Yallingup WA 6282

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Mirravale Riding School specialises in Horse Riding and Horse Riding Schools and is located in Yallingup, WA.

1 Customer Review

This riding school is excellent for riders of any experience! The horses are well trained and cared for, the staff are friendly and very helpful. I found the lessons absolutely brilliant! There was varying experience in my group, but we were all taught well, we covered basic horse care and common sense and the staff are not afraid to push you gently to ride better, eg. They helped me conquer my fear of jumping (small fences) and they helped me with my cantering. At no point did they force me into anything. The teaching was brilliant and the lessons are in groups (age) and go for an hour for $45. Overall this riding school is excellent, ticks every box, and is great fun for any rider, whether local or visiting. Boots and helmets are provided. There are also trail rides divided into walking, trotting and cantering, for day and dusk.There is a website for further info.

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