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Top Tips on Horse Riding Safety

Riding a horse as your hobby or as a sport is an extreme sport. Yes it doesn't involve any stunts in motocross and doesn’t involve any gas and heavy duty batteries, but horses are powerful, heavy and unpredictable animals, and you need to have heavy and serious training before you can even do this type of sport or hobby.

Stated below are some helpful tips to keep you safe while on the horse and to prevent yourself from any possible injuries or accidents.

  • Ride a suitable horse for your riding skill level. Do not attempt to try something without any consent from your trainer. Trust your trainer as he/she knows what is best for you. This kind of sport isn’t a child’s play so take it very seriously or else you’ll face consequences that might involve your overall health.
  • The safest way to learn is with a professional riding coach or instructor.
  • Wear an approved riding helmet. Make sure it is properly fastened. In case you slip from your horse, this ensures that your head and brain is intact. Head injuries are far more serious than breaking a bone.
  • Wear tough boots.
  • Never ever go on top of a horse that you can't control. This is very important if you want to prevent accident while riding. If you don't have much experience on how to handle and get comfortable with a horse, you'll end up being thrown into the air and cause you harm.
  • Always ride in complete control. Bear in mind that when a vehicle goes really fast, the less you have control over it and the faster things can go wrong.
  • Always ride out with a buddy or as an extra safety measure, carry a cell phone or a two-way radio with you. In case something happens to you, you won't be left crying for help in the woods.
  • Follow the basic rules. Keep in mind that your life depends on your horse's feet. So do not get rough on the horse. It’s not a car that you can play tricks on. When the pavement gets rough, learn how to slow down.

    Exercise caution in these simple ways and you will ensure your horse riding safety and will also enjoy your horse riding experience as well.