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The Growing Popularity of Horse Riding as a hobby/sport

There is more to horseback riding than just merely sitting on top of the horse and barking orders to it to make it carry out your desired objectives. As a matter of fact, most of the hard work is up to you – the rider since you have to be mentally and physically equipped in order to become a success in this sports category.

However, those who acknowledge the existence of horseback riding in this society believe that it is a fun and enjoyable means to relax and unwind from all the troubles of contemporary life. Other than being just a mere hobby for some, there are also others who find pleasure in competing against other horseback riding enthusiasts. In short, horseback riding could either be a sport and a form of leisure at the same time.

Brief history

Horseback riding began in the 14th century. During those times, horses were mainly used for work to transport heavy equipment from one place to the other and were also used to transport people as well. Horses were likewise used for war. They were used to carry soldiers to relay messages to their allies in a prompt manner and were also used to carry them during battles.


1. Physical benefits - Coordination and balance are what riders can get out of horseback riding. Physical awareness is extremely crucial when it comes to steering the horse to move according to how you want it to move. The back, shoulder, leg, and abdominal muscles are put to the test. A lot of new riders may experience soreness, most especially in their inner thigh; but with enough practice, the muscles will be toned and prone to the said sport.

2. Mental benefits - Horseback riding also put your decision making skills to the test in terms of which direction you would want to steer the horse towards to, when to cue the horse to jump over an elevated platform, and so much more. Remember, everything in life is a lifelong learning process. It just depends on how much you are willing to learn and how much you are willing to open yourself up to the possibilities that may come.

3. Emotional and spiritual benefits - Overtime, riders may become attached to their respective horses similar to being attached to your own pets at home. On the racetrack, remember that you and your stag are a team and that you work as one in order to achieve a common goal. For others, they believe that riding provides them solitude and peace of mind which allows them to be more in touch with their own true selves.

Tips for those who want to get into horseback riding:

1. Pick a docile or passive horse when you are just starting out. You can shift to a more spirited one once you have enough experience. You wouldn’t want to choose something that only a professional rider could control.

2. Never ride a horse on your own or without a professional around. Take up horseback riding lessons if available or hire someone to train you.

3. Dress appropriately. There are lots of riding apparel that you can choose from to make your experience pleasant and trouble free.

4. Learn the reins and pay attention to how the horse turns whenever you steer it. Keep yourself from pulling too hard.

5. Never go out into the open road when you are not 100% sure that you are in control of your horse.