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Saturday November 27, 2010
1 ROHANHOME ChrisRoots says FOR: Heis drawntoget the perfectrunbehind the speed,andparlayedthat sortofruninto victory in theNewcastleMile.Heis capableof reelingoffaquick last section.

Packer lost a million chasing his losses with a 16-year-old SP bookie

Saturday November 27, 2010
IN HIS rollicking autobiography, Big Bill Waterhouse tells the story of the day that Kerry Packer blew more than $1 million on the horses, then refused to pay his debt.


Saturday November 27, 2010
2 The boys have had it over the girls in the Miracle Mile, with Robin Dundee and Norms Daughter the only mares able to win it. Make Mine Cullen and emergency Lady Lexus will be out to join that elite club tonight.

The Fitz Files

Saturday November 27, 2010
Let's tease these promising Poms

The Waterhouse colt who was cut out from the racing clan

Saturday November 27, 2010
Bill's second son is not happy with the way he has been treated, writes Rick Feneley.

O'Hara named in betting inquiry

Saturday November 27, 2010
SYDNEY'S glamour jockey Kathy O'Hara will figure in a Racing NSW stewards inquiry after it was revealed she received phone calls from partner and some-time on-track rival Blake Shinn while races were being run .

Mile high club: it's the best one yet

Saturday November 27, 2010
THE Miracle Mile has always been about speed. About which is the fastest horse in the land.

Feelgood factor: import spot-on for mad dash

Saturday November 27, 2010
Peter O'Shea has no complaints about his first foray into harness racing, writes Chris Roots.

Fibre optimism, even to Abbott's cave

Saturday November 27, 2010
"NOW, Mr Stephenson," said the Duke of Wellington. "Pray tell me about this curious machine of yours."

Horsey set keeps on riding

Saturday November 27, 2010
JUMP! Jilly Cooper Bantam Press, 739pp, $32.95

Jockey who couldn't resist a punt gambles career away

Saturday November 27, 2010
USUALLY the punter ends up with an addiction to gambling.

Brighton rocks

Saturday November 27, 2010
Margaret Turton joins the eccentrics, the aristocrats and the idlers by the seashore.

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