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Tarago NSW 2580

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Business Overview

Equine Massage Therapy sessions available in ACT & Surrounding areas. Manufacturer of all Quality Natural Halters, Leads, Reins and other Equine Products made to Order. Delivery available all areas.


1 Customer Review

HellBoy (aka Red) has just had his first session in the hands of Kim......I watched and was delighted at not only how thorough Kim is but also how in-tune and understanding of the horses responses she is. When Red returned to his paddock he did something I havn't seen him do for years....he cavorted and caprioled and generally carried on like a young colt...and it very clearly said "I FEEL GOOD" ! Thanks Kim from Red and Amanda

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Our Team Profiles

Kim Sillis

Kim Sillis


Owner & Manufacturer


I make all of the products here in Australia, onsite at Tarago and all of the material I use is sourced in Australia. I am also a qualified EMT, Equine Myofunctional Therapist and service clients locally with Horse Massage. If you live in the ACT region or postcodes 2621; 2620; 2580 or 2581 I am happy to come out and massage your horse!


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Natalie ,



Emma ,

Chester was not a nice horse on the ground.  He was girthy and would try to bite most days with ears pinned back.  When Kim 1st met Chester he did not want to know her due to being so sore, but now he loves her visits.  We are now successfully competing and Chester is a pleasure to own

Lynne ,

I attended a massage clinic run by Kim as my horse seemed sore.  I learnt some great techniques I could use at Endurance rides just to keep Blue in better condition at checkpoints.  It has also helped with his heartrates and all over recovery at rides when Kim can not be there.

Amanda ,

Colby loves Kim's visits.  He was not particularly sore when he met Kim but I like to have her out to massage about 6 times a year as part of his maintanence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Horse Massage session?

A single horse session is $70.  2 or 3 horses is $60 each.  4 or more horses is $50 each.

How long does a massage session take?

Between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How often do I need to get my horse massaged?

Generally every 4-8 weeks depending on work levels, however, if your horse is coming into work after a spell it would be a good idea to have it massaged and assessed after about 2 weeks of work.  Also, if your horse is in high competition it may be appropriate to have it massaged more often.  Injury management can also be catered for with price on application depending on your horses needs.  Clinics are available to reduce the need to see your professional therapist.


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Price List

This is the current price list attached for the standard products available. All of the products are currently supplied in a white with blue fleck colour. If there is a product that you would like specifically tailored to your needs not on the price list please contact me for a quote.

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