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Racehorse Trainer

Racehorse trainer refers to a professional who is expert in training horses for different types of horserace competitions such as thoroughbred racing, harness racing and steeplechase racing. A racehorse trainer is expert in physically and psychologically conditioning a horse for a particular type of horserace competition. Different types of horses and different types of competitions also require different types of approach and techniques. The most important aspect of horse training that a racehorse trainer is mainly concerned about is the obedience of the horse.

Just like in other types of animal training, a racehorse trainer is primarily concerned about conditioning the horse to be responsive to commands. Obedience is very important not only in terms of performance but also in terms of safety. A professional racehorse trainer must break the rebellious instinct of a horse. A racehorse trainer may use conditioning-reinforcement training techniques that involve both rewards and punishments. A good racehorse trainer is capable of enforcing obedience trough verbal and harness commands.

Only after a racehorse trainer has broken down a horse into submission and obedience that the actual athletic training can be started. If you are searching for a competent racehorse trainer, can help you in your search.