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Horse Saddles

When buying horse saddles, whether used or new, it's crucial that they would not only fit you, but the horse as well. There are some horse saddles which are re-stuffed, but the changes could only go so far.

Buying horse saddles

Many retailers would allow buyers to bring home horse saddles for a try out. There are retailers that would get a deposit or the full sum in advance. The good news is that buyers can return horse saddles if they do not fit the horse. Naturally, returning the horse saddles means buyers have not damaged them in any way.

Measuring the horse saddles

Many horse saddles are measured based on the seat's length. Thus, a 16' would measure 16' - pommel to the cantle, and having said this- the owner has to think how large the horse saddles have to be. Adults would usually be ok with a 17' seat, while teenagers would make do with a 16" seat. Kids of course would need something less in size.

When possible, try sitting at varying sizes of horse saddles. It is not that different from shoe-shopping, the more you try out, the more chances of hitting the best size. Bear in mind that the higher your pommel or cantle is, the stronger the fit would be.

Other tips when buying horse saddles

For as long as you (the rider) are comfortable with the horse saddles, you would do well in the riding. Do not neglect the positioning of the horse saddles. For added comfort, there are those with movable padding.

For the rest of the fitting, considerations of the horse come into play. Horse saddles are of 3 basic sizes: wide, medium and narrow. Many horses would fit the medium. The fine-boned animals such as Arabian horses might need horse saddles with a narrow tree to jive with their natural body structure.

If the saddle tree's width is accurate, horse saddles must sit evenly on the horse's back. The saddle must rest on the horse's backbone muscles. Allow for a gap along the spine- from the horse saddles' front up to the back. When there is no gap, it means the tree's width is too much. When the padding sits on the backbone of the horse, it means that it has a very narrow tree.

Also, the pommel should be considered by the person. The pommel's height does not only have animpact on the seat, but it also bears on the whither of the horse. When the horse's whither is high, it would be best to get horse saddles with higher pommels.