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Horse Rugs

The various kinds of horse rugs that are out in the market could make you dizzy especially if it is your first time to buy one. Selecting the right horse rugs could be a big chore, but once you've selected the right rugs for your precious horses, you'll be able to keep them happy and healthy.

Remember, it is very uncomfortable for horses to be sweating under very thick horse rugs, or to be covered in horse rugs that offer no protection from various elements. The following is a list of some of the different kinds of horse rugs.

New Zealand horse rugs

These horse rugs are made from thick canvas which is then waxed to give some shower proofing. These horse rugs could be re-waxed, making things easier to the owner. Because these horse rugs are made from quality materials, expect them to last throughout the whole year.

Turnout horse rugs

These horse rugs have been made for winter use, especially for the fine breed kind of horse- that or those who were clipped. As of present, many of these horse rugs are designed from breathable materials.

Fleece horse rugs

Fleece horse rugs are available in bright hues and are known for versatility. These horse rugs could be worn as a light rug, as a travelling rug, or simply as a turnout rug.

Lightweight horse rugs

These horse rugs offer ample protection in spring or autumn but could also give service to the thick-hair kind of horses during wintertime. There are horse rugs of this kind that come with fleece linings.

Summer horse rugs

These horse rugs are not waterproof and are usually used for keeping one's horse dirt-free.

Cooling horse rugs

After exercising, these horse rugs that act as coolers are used, but they could also be used as stable rugs.

Nylon horse rugs

Nylon is a crucial element of many horse rugs. Caution must be taken to make sure that the nylon would not give too much friction to the animal. Remember, a stabled horse requires warmed horse rugs as opposed to a horse which is very active outdoors. A lot of times, a neck cover could be bought individually to give that extra comfort to the horses. As a final word, there are still other varieties of horse rugs; there are now magnetic and waterproof horse rugs. Also remember that for reasons of safety, horse rugs are made to get torn apart when stepped on by the horse.