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Horse Insurance

Horse insurance is a good way to protect horses and their owners from unfortunate occurrences that may come along. There are several types of horse insurance that are intended to protect both horse owners and horses alike, each of which are explained below.

Life Insurance

Horse insurance that focuses on life insurance for the horse covers death of the animal that may be caused by natural factors or by a limited number of causes. This type of insurance protects horse owners against loss of the value of the horse once the horse disappears or dies unexpectedly.

Liability Insurance

Horse insurance that focuses on liability provides owners protection from lawsuits at times when the horse or the horse owner have caused injury to another horse rider. A wide range of coverage may be included in the horse liability insurance. This may cover personal liability and professional liability.

Care, Custody and Control Insurance

Care, custody and control insurance is a type of horse insurance that benefit people who care for the insured horse. These people may be caretakers of the horse who have temporary custody and control of the animal. Stable operators, amateur or professional haulers of horses, coaches and trainers may benefit from this type of horse insurance.

Medical Insurance

Also known as surgical insurance, this type of horse insurance is intended to cover the cost of medical treatments particularly when the horse has to undergo surgery.

Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance

This type of insurance is intended to provide professionals assistance during lawsuits concerning malpractice.