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Performairvent is based in Girraween, NSW and specialises in Horse Floats and Horse Transport.
141 Gilba Rd , Girraween NSW 2145
Specialising in Horse Agistment, Horse Floats, and Horse Riding Equipment, Performairvent is located in Girraween, NSW.
141 Gilba Rd, Girraween NSW 2145
Shed 2, 49 Carrington Rd, Toowoomba QLD 4350
PO Box 519, Redlynch QLD 4870

Horse Floats

Towing horse floats is the focus of this article. Thus, for horse riders or horse owners who are new in this field of endeavor, here are some tips and suggestions.

Know the limitations of your horse when towing horse floats

In essence, you need to know your horse's limitations. It is imperative to know the speed limits of the horse. Your horse may have won the local derby 11 times in a row, but do not think it could handle various speeds when inside horse floats. Horses have varying limits, and it is crucial that you are always aware of your horse's limitations.

Try to drive in a straight line when towing horse floats

Without meaning to exaggerate or contradict the earlier assertions, the person towing the horse floats can go as fast as safety considerations would permit. The condition is that you and the horse floats must be running in a straight line, because this would not affect the horse.

Having said that, towing the horse floats and traveling on curved roads is the issue. Here is one tip: be at least ten kilomters slower than the recommended road clip when dealing with individual road bends.

Monitor the cambers when towing horse floats

That corner with a camber running away from it has to be traversed slower than roads with corners put up like race tracks. A road's camber is the great enemy of both the horse floats and the horses themselves. As the driver, you must monitor the cambers of all bends- even before taking the appropriate maneuver. The steeper the sideway would fall on the road, the slower you must be in carrying the horse floats.

Other maneuvers in towing horse floats

When one is going on a straight avenue but then notices a scary steep camber, it would be best to sit right up against the line (white) and on some occasions, put the right hand wheels to the center line's right side. If you are bringing the horse floats for the very first time, this may seem like a terrifyingly big challenge. Just like ordinary driving, experience would give you confidence, and confidence would give you proficiency.

More towing tips for those with horse floats

  • For the T junctions or corners with right angles, horse floats have to be driven to a maximum of 1 kilometer per hour.
  • Do not accelerate the vehicle until the horse floats are in a direct line with the car. So many horse floats owners disregard this thing- a lot of them regretting it immediately after.