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Eagleridge Arabian Farm specialises in Horse Breeders and is located in Firefly, NSW.
22 Willow Tree Rd, Firefly NSW 2429
Southern Highlands Equine Centre (SHEC Pty Ltd) offers a wide range of Equine Veterinary Services including a 24 hour emergency service.
220 Old Hume Highway, Mittagong NSW 2575
Also Services: Southern Highlands
Author of fiction novel 'Tails Carried High' Arabian horse breeder for over thirty years. Pearsons View Arabians, Australia, straight Egyptian bloodlines. Websites:
232 E Drews Road, Toowoomba QLD 4350
5* equestrian facilties for agistment, performance and racehorse spelling and breeding.
49 Jones Road, Calga NSW 2250
Qualified EA/NCAS L1 DRESSAGE COACH,school horses available.
55 Arndt Rd, Tallegalla QLD 4340
Also Services: Tallegalla
Our American Saddlebred Horses (purebred and partbred) are located at Charley Barber's beautiful property located at Bannister, New South Wales, Australia.
177 Prices Lane, Bannister NSW 2580
Thoroughbred racehorse syndication specialists
PO Box, Ballan VIC 3342
86 Mount Samaria Rd, Benalla VIC 3673

Horse Breeders

Horse breeders are individuals who are responsible for breeding or raising different types of horses. These individuals may perform selective breeding of horses and may focus on producing purebreds. They may also provide housing for the horses and train them for shows, horse racing competitions and other disciplines. Likewise, they may be responsible for keeping the health of horses in top shape.

Horse breeders are also called horse managers. They have specialised skills in horse handling, horse riding and horse breeding. Typically, horse breeders engage in several activities including consulting with veterinarians and horse nutritionists, selecting and purchasing thoroughbreds, supervising the training of horses for shows and horse racing competitions, exercising horses, managing horse riding equipment, facilities and staff as well as pastures, performing planning, budgeting and marketing. They also select stallions to mate with mares and assist with foaling. In addition, they may train apprentice stablehands or apprentice jockeys.

Horse breeders may use certain techniques in horse breeding to ensure that they get only the best horse in their stables. They may work closely with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure that their bred horses are in good health.

Looking for horse breeders in Australia? contains a large list of horse breeders that can be found all over Australia. If you are looking for horse breeders nearest your area, then this directory is for you. Feel free to browse through our large directory and pick the information that you feel is right for you.