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Equine Training & Breaking-in
906 East Kurrajong Rd, East Kurrajong NSW 2758
Barefoot Trim Network servicing Metro Melbourne Fringe, Mornington Peninsula, Whittlesea, Arthurs Creek, Lara, Ballarat, Beaufort, Castlemaine, Bendigo, Echuca.... and points in between. Geelong thru to Apollo Bay. Seymour.
Woodend VIC 3442
Also Services: Ballarat And Western District
Our American Saddlebred Horses (purebred and partbred) are located at Charley Barber's beautiful property located at Bannister, New South Wales, Australia.
177 Prices Lane, Bannister NSW 2580
Equine Massage Therapy sessions available in ACT & Surrounding areas. Manufacturer of all Quality Natural Halters, Leads, Reins and other Equine Products made to Order. Delivery available all areas.
Tarago NSW 2580
Also Services: Tarago
Nestled in the Megalong Valley in the heart of the Blue Mountains, enjoy the small pleasures of quiet mornings listening to the wildlife, whilst watching the horses grazing in their paddocks.
1268 Megalong Road, Megalong NSW 2785
Also Services: Megalong
Feel, Timing, Focus, Rapport, Confidence... through Quantum Savvy's Foundation Programme, you will develop the qualities of a Horseman that is universal for success with all horses and horse sports. Talk to your QS Coach, Mel Peacock for your very own plan to acheiving your goals and dreams with Horses.
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Yallara Tugalong Rd, Canyonleigh NSW 2577
120 Pheasants Nest Rd, Pheasants Nest NSW 2574
909 Latrobe St West, Sebastopol VIC 3356

Horse Breaking

Horse breaking is a process used by humans to tame horses and let them subject themselves to riders. That is, this process gets horses to let themselves be harnessed and ridden by humans before they are trained fully to respond to orders and commands. Horses are normally wild and may not permit any human being to ride their backs. They may make any attempt to ward off any human riders. Once horse breaking has been done, the horse can then be trained for certain disciplines.

Horse breaking in the past had been associated with harshness and violence against the horse. In modern times, however, horse trainers have found other ways to try to get horses subject themselves to humans without resorting to violence and harsh treatments. Horse breaking nowadays is associated with trust between horse and the trainer.

Horse breaking requires a lot of patience and perseverance on the part of the trainer. The trainer has to let the horse understand that he means him no harm and that he only wants to him to learn civilised manners to make him beneficial to humans. He must let the horse understand that having the human ride him will not cause him any harm. Once trust has been established between the horse and the trainer, the horse can then be ridden quite safely and he may now be subjected to proper training.

Looking for professionals that offer horse breaking services? Browse through our directory and feel free to pick the information that best suits your needs.