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810 Bruce Hwy, Chatsworth QLD 4570
225 Ficshers Rd, Bairnsdale VIC 3875
203 Lawson St, Maryborough QLD 4650
Spring Hill Rd, Spring Hill VIC 3444
Gnangara Greengully Rd, Glenlyon VIC 3461
Reushle Rd, Cabarlah QLD 4352


Farriers are professional horse-care service providers who are expert in taking care of the hoofs of horses. Farriers are concerned with the trimming of hoofs, balancing of hoofs and fitting horseshoes. Professional farriers are also concerned with the health of the hoofs. Farriers have trainings and skills both in blacksmithing and in veterinary medicine. Professional farriers have blacksmith skills because they are concerned with making, adjusting and adapting metal horseshoes.

On the other hand, farriers are also skilled in some aspects of veterinary medicine, particularly regarding the anatomy and physiology of the lower limbs of the horse. Many farriers are knowledgeable enough about diagnosing and treating illnesses and problems of the lower limbs. Most farriers may not necessarily have formal schooling in blacksmithing and veterinary medicine. Most farriers acquire their knowledge and skills through practical experience and from other farriers.

Most horse stables and ranches have their in-house farriers. The roles of farriers are very important when it comes to caring for horses. Without the proper attention of farriers, horses will not be able to perform well. If you are searching for professional farriers, you do not need to look further because you have come to the right place. Here at, you can find comprehensive directory listings of professional farriers.